Clear Float Glass [4mm-10mm]

ISO 9001-2015.

Quality Products.

Higher profit margins for European and Asian clients.

Supply Availability: 40000 Square meters per day


What is clear float glass?

Clear float glass is the most used material in the construction sector due to its smooth surface, excellent stable chemical capability, and optical performance which is produced in Iran float glass factories

Therefore, it is widely used in glass processing factories to get processed into double glazing or any other glass products. Also, it is used in mirrors. Other clear float glass applications include:

  • kitchen cabinet glazing
  • Sliding Doors
  • Glass Partitions
  • picture frame glass
  • Furniture glass doors, etc.
  • Patterned Glass

Moreover, clear glass sheets are used in the form of laminated float glass or tempered float glass. Both can be applied where using safety float glass is a requirement. In addition, laminated float glass is used in automobile windshields.

Our supplied clear glass is the best quality in the Middle Eastern market. It is due to the high-tech machinery that our glass suppliers are using to produce float clear glass sheets. Below you can find some of the key properties of this product:

Key Properties:

  • ISO 9001-2015
  • The base ingredient for other types of glass products
  • Visually, colorless and distortion-free flat surface
  • High light transmission
  • EXW
  • FOB
  • CNF


Packaging and Shipping information for clear glass supply

As you already know packaging plays a vital role in the healthy and safe delivery of glass sheets. In AidinGlass, we can offer a variety of packaging including boxes or bulk shipping as you will see on the rest of this page:

Each clear float glass sheets packaging type has its advantages:

  • Clear glass box packaging with iron support, is great when you choose maximum safety over price, we always suggest our customers use glass sheets box packaging. It is safer, easier to handle, and easier to load and unload unless you don’t have access to box unloading process machinery.
box packaging
Box Packaging


  • Bulk Packaging is better when shipping cost plays a vital role in the efficiency of the business. Therefore, for orders with large quantities such as above 10 containers, we always can offer bulk packaging of glass products. As you can see in the images below:
racks packaging
Racks Packaging

what is the latest clear float glass price?

for more information on the latest prices please read the snippet below:

Questions and Answers on Clear Float Glass Price:

      1. What is the difference between clear float glass vs tempered glass?

Clear glass and tempered glass both are from the same minerals. However, the only difference is the manufacturing process. Tempered glass is a float glass that has been heated and quickly cooled to change its reactions to impact and shattering.

      1. What is the best clear float glass price available now?
        4mm Clear Glass 3$ (Per Square Meter)
        6mm Clear Glass 4.5$ (Per Square Meter)
        8mm Clear Glass 6$ (Per Square Meter)
        10mm Clear Glass 7.5$ (Per Square Meter)

4mm 6mm 8mm 10mm float glass price differs by the payment system, e.g. EXW or CNF, and other production-related factors. Please note that shipping prices may vary due to different situations. However, we wish to offer you the best possible shipping price. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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We also offer a fair price for high-quality 4mm laminated glass & blue reflective glass ( for more information on reflective glass please click here ). In addition, interlayers used in the lamination process have European standards. This kind of glass product is experiencing a rise in its market size due to the rise in the demand for safety and standards. Moreover, according to OEC, the European Union imported over $800M in laminated float glass yet in 2017. Hence, What we see here, is a unique opportunity for glass distributors around the European continent to extend their market share and profit margins even more by rearranging their supply chain.

If you haven’t watched our introduction video on our home page, I suggest taking a look at it to hear the reasons why we may have something valuable to offer.

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    Additional information

    Weight 23500 kg

    4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

    Place of Origin:

    Tabriz, Iran

    Model Number:

    Clear Float Glass


    Clear, Transparent


    Custom Size


    Windows, doors, cut, tempered, laminated, insulated


    ISO 9001-2015, no bubble, no scratch, high precision flatness