iran 6mm clear float glass for sale

Float glass for sale:

Production and shipping cost is a big part of your business expenses.


Glass Products
Our warehouse
Brand Name Variable
Place of origin Tabriz, Iran
Payment and shipping FOB, EXW, T/T
Certification ISO 9001-2015
Packaging Wooden Crates + Iron Support, Racks
Color Clear – Bronze – Blue – Golden – Pink
Thickness 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm
Price Negotiable

We have solutions for both.

At AidinGlass, we have partnered up with some of the world’s leading laminated float glass, tempered float glass, and clear float glass factories to provide you with high-quality products accompanied by competitive pricing customized to meet your needs. Our partners are leveraging economies of scale both internally and externally to produce the highest quality float glass products at the lowest cost.

Economies of scale

By owning the upstream supply chains and downstream distribution channels, the wheel for a sustainable business relationship has been set to motion. Join our mailing list to ensure a differentiating cost reduction on your business expenses.

Please either provide us with an email so we can send you a catalog including generic types of our products including blue reflective glass or visit the Products page. There is some valuable information shared with you there.


Nearest glass supplier to CIS, Turkey, & Europe in Iran

Why does buying glass from Iran add to the sustainability of your business?
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Less shipping costs:

Land Freight:

In addition to sea freight, you can also choose the land freight option. In most cases, this method costs less than sea freight. It is due to the fact that Iran’s strategic geographical positioning and connected highways have given it and other giant neighbors such as India the ability to ship their products through land transportation to other parts of the world. Moreover, land freight doesn’t have associated costs such as dock fees and freight forwarder administration fees. Most of our Asian and European counterparts prefer this channel. Although we will be more than happy to arrange everything for you, you have the option to arrange the shipping yourself.

Sea Freight:

float glass sea freight advantages for European and African clients.

Our warehouses are located near Bandar Abbas port (Un/locode: IRBND). On average, every 20 ft. container shipment from Bandar Abbas port is 300$ cheaper than from Chinese ports to European and African countries. We are able to provide you with reasonable sea freight costs resulting in lower product prices.

Questions & Answers about Float Glass Prices

What are the best float glass prices available now?
4mm Clear Float Glass 3$ (Per Square Meter)
6mm grey tinted Glass 4.5$ (Per Square Meter)
8mm grey tinted Glass 6$ (Per Square Meter)
10mm grey tinted Glass 7.5$ (Per Square Meter)

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Less Production cost

The chemical composition of float glass is a unique mixture of minerals such as sodium carbonate and silica. In Iran, we have plenty of the above-mentioned minerals which make us powerful competition for Chinese rivals in sustainability. In other words, we have a higher revealed competitive advantage ratio in the cost of the ingredients used in float glass manufacturing.

Safe packaging, plywood, and iron support

The risk of breakage and surface scratches remains until the glass sheets are packed safely. Float glass packaging boxes are built using strong plywood. Glass is wrapped with these boxes and sheets are protected against mildew and surface scratches using paper or powder interlayers. We believe our products should reach their final destination in perfect conditions. Hence, to protect it against accidents we take safety measures under vigorous control.

What kind of glass products do we supply?

Float glass for sale, how to get a price?

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