float glass factory in Iran

Glass Manufacturers in Iran : Advantages & Benefits

Do you know the world have imported 250M USD of Iran float glass products in the year 2021? Among the customers of float glass factories in Iran you can find European countries such as Portugal & Ukraine and African countries such as Uganda & Kenya. Also other Asian countries such as India and Bangladesh are customers of glass manufacturers in Iran. Iran float glass products are being made using high-tech and modern machinery which will guarantee the highest quality. Moreover, access to vast & cheap resources of energy has made operating energy-consuming businesses in Iran more worthwhile in Iran than other parts of the world . In addition, cheaper human resource is the key for producing more cost-effective float glass sheets.

Float Glass Factory In Iran

One of the key factors in shipping price. Due to Iran float glass factories geographical location, we are able to provide you with both land transportation & sea freight. Also, since we are closer to African & European countries than our counterpart China, shipping price of Iran float glass will be much reasonable.

Float Glass Factory in Iran

However, in Iran, there are a very few float glass factories and suppliers such as Sahand industrial group, Kaveh glass, Ardakan glass & AidinGlass. Each company produce variety of products which are unique in type and quality. The products range include: mirror glass, reflective glass, clear float glass, wired glass, patterned glass, laminated glass and tempered glass. Also each glass manufacturer, offers wide ranges of prices for each unique product based on the destination country.


Nearest glass supplier to CIS, Turkey, & Europe in Iran

AidinGlass Float Glass Supplier

AidinGlass is about facilitating your business interactions with Iranian glass suppliers. We collect your orders, contact our sources and deliver you the lowest possible price and the highest quality on the items you ordered from Iranian glass manufacturers. Please watch the video below for more information:

We can supply following float glass products with best quality & competitive pricing:

  1. Clear Float Glass
  2. Reflective Clear & Reflective Tinted Glass including bronze reflective glass & blue reflective glass
  3. Tinted Glass including grey tinted glass ( for more information click here ), blue glass, green glass,
  4. Silver Mirror & Aluminum Mirror
  5. Safety Wired Glass
  6. Safety Tempered Glass & Laminated Glass
  7. Patterned Glass such as Karatachi Patterned Glass, Windy, Sandy, Nashiji, Delta, Delta 2 patterned glass

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As mentioned before, we are ready to provide you with high-quality Iran float glass product from Iranian manufacturers and suppliers. Our supplier’s product’s quality is verified by ISO-9001 accreditation. Use one of below methods to contact us:

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