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What are Tinted Glass Applications?

Tinted float glass applications and tinted glass price may vary depending on the particular situation in which you use the glass.  For example, architects use the bronze-tinted glass to cover the exterior facades of the buildings.

In addition, By reducing the amount of light that is transmitted through the tinted glass, it could make a sun shield in places where sun protection is desired. In other words, the glass uses its solar-radiation absorption properties to block the light. This tinted glass saves energy and reduces heat penetration into buildings and gives an astonishing visual effect.

Moreover, this kind of glass offers a practical, stylish alternative to traditional materials when used in screens, partitions, and furniture at home or in the office

What are toughened tinted float glass applications?:

  • Furniture such as glass tabletops
  • Laminated Glass Stair
  • Glass Stoves
  • Glass Cabinets
  • Ultra Clear Shelves

What are tinted glass colors?

The production process of body-tinted glass is similar to that of float glass. The only variation is in the colorants materials we use at the beginning. Some of the most-used colorants and the colors they produce are listed below:

Iron Green, brown, blue (per iron %)
Cobalt Blue, Green, Pink
Nickel yellow, purple
Titanium Purple, Brown
Manganese Purple
Chromium Green, yellow, pink
Vanadium Green, Blue, Grey
Copper blue, green, red
Cerium yellow
Selenium pink, red


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What is tinted toughened Glass Price?

Tinted float glass is available in your choice of color, giving you an extensive tool to create wonderful architectural elements. However, price varies based on the glass processing that is done on the annealed glass. services include:

  • cut to custom size
  • glass edge processing
  • glass drill and countersink holes
  • edge and corner cut-outs
  • round corners

We will walk with you through the whole process from designing for your specific needs to packaging and shipping of the float glass products. Moreover, please either use this form or send us an email to

Our customers for tinted glass are from African countries such as Uganda & Kenya. and from Asian countries such as Bangladesh & India

How glass sheets are packaged and shipped?

  • We use high-quality seaworthy wooden crates to ensure impact resistance.
  • Tinted Glass sheets are separated using the powder in addition to paper interlayers.
  • We offer assurance to every glass-related order.
  • We will stay in touch until the final delivery to your destination.
  • For more information about shipping, please visit Float Glass, Frequently asked questions.