iran patterned glass manufacturer

Patterned  glass is being used to diffuse light and obscuring the object totally when viewing. We manufacture this product by rolling the hot glass ribbon between two metal rollers.

These glass products are made under ISO 9001-2015 accreditation and feature highly competitive prices.  Besides cheap shipping through land transportation, the lower price of the figured glass sheets in comparison to other parts of the world, make our products a good choice among other glass suppliers.

Our customers for patterned glass are from African countries such as Uganda & Kenya. and from Asian countries such as Bangladesh & India & Oman

Obscure glass patterns

Based on the pattern type, each glass takes a particular name. These names may vary depending on the float glass manufacturers’ preference. However, we ensure you will receive the highest quality for your glass order at the fairest price.

Including the most common types of figured glass are:

  1. Mistlite patterned glass 
    • Mistlite Patterned Glass
  2. Flower figured Glass
    • Flower Patterned Glass
  3. Wired Glass
    • Wired Patterned Glass
  4. Rainy patterned glass
    • Wave Patterned Glass


Nearest glass supplier to CIS, Turkey, & Europe in Iran

Why does buying glass from Iran add to the sustainability of your business?
We try to explain in this short video:

Patterned Glass Price

Due to our competitive advantage in the shipping and production costs of such glass products against other producers of float glass, we are able to provide you with a sustainable supply chain of your float glass products. According to OEC, European countries have imported TOTAL: $10M patterned glass products from our country. Although the number is small, but it reflects the potential opportunities to expand business relations even further. Please use the form below to get the latest prices:

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